Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hollywood with no imagination!

I you look at the remaining potential Hollywood blockbusters in 2010 it is clear that Hollywood is out of new ideas. Big Hollywood hits in the other half of this year will be, as expected, on-screen adaptations of books and comics, sequels of old hits and remakes.

The Hollywood screenwriters, for which is said that they are currently without imagination (or, what is most likely, the best of them have escaped to TV stations like HBO) have, nevertheless, prepared a few realizations which will be interesting to good-action fans. Here are the most interesting movies in the other half of 2010.

  • Predators – July, 9

Hit recycling from the 80s doesn’t guaranty producers some sensational success on the box-office but it is securing them with enough profit to pay of investments in filming. 20th Century Fox Studio has released yesterday Nimrod Antal’s Predators. This is the latest reincarnation of cult franchise about vicious space hunters that are hunting down humans. The cast of this movie is rather unusual. Adrien Brody, a usual aristocrat who was brilliant in the roles as artists, has found himself as a leader of soldiers-mercenaries, which land on a distant planet and discover that their only function is to become a prey for alien hunters. What comes next is fight to the death in which the spectators will more likely be on alien’s side because this group of people is the scum of our world: hired killers, yakuza, and members of death squad.

  • Machete – September, 3

Machete was announced in a rather fanny way in the frame of double feature realization Grindhouse, which was signed by Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) and Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror). Now, few years later, Machete is arriving to cinema as independent realization directed by Robert Rodriguez. This movie is about adventures of Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo), a character that appeared in earlier Rodriguez movies, Spy Kids. Machete is a true child of love of Hollywood big-names who have decided to appear in this movie for symbolical fees: Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba…

  • Resident Evil 4: Afterlife – September, 10

It’s time for another sequel of the story about Alice (Milla Jovovich) who must fight for her life in a world destroyed by a deadly virus infection. The movie is signed by Paul W. S. Anderson and the rest of the cast is made of Ali Larter, Wenthwort Miller, Sienna Guillory, and others. Milla is fighting again against the evil corporation Umbrella and this time she has a few of her old friends by her side. The plot is placed in Los Angeles which is crawling with monsters.

  • Red – October, 15

In a time when all visual challenges can be solved using state of the art graphical software, adaptations of comic books and graphical novellas have become a common thing in Hollywood. The latest potential hit coming from that genre will be released on October, 15. The movie Red, directed by Robert Schwentke, was created according to the idea from a graphical novella by a famous author Warren Ellis. The cast is a true dream team: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. The three of them play ex-CIA agents. While fighting against their former employee, these three agents are uncovering the greatest conspiracy in the history of US government.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – November, 19

Director David Yates, who already signed two parts of Harry Potter serial, has been given the honor to be the author of the last part of a saga about a boy wizard.  This movie will be split on two equal-length parts. Besides Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter and Rade Sherbedzija will also appear. The last chapter of this great movie serial, which began in 2001, tells about Harry, Ron and Hermione who leave Hogwarts School of Magic to go and destroy the very source of evil Voldemort’s power and immortality.

  • Tron: Legacy – December, 17

Video game and digital technology fanatics are already preparing themselves for the premiere of the movie Tron: Legacy by Joseph Kosinski. This is a remake of a legendary movie from 1982 which was one of the firsts who used computer graphics. Jeff Bridges, who played in the original, will appear and in the sequel. The producers of this movie are announcing that it will be a high-tech 3D adventure in a digital world and like something nowhere to be seen. The movie is mostly placed in the virtual world full of beauty and amazing dangers.

Are you eager to seen any of this movies? You are welcome to comment :)

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