Saturday, September 25, 2010

William Shakespeare or William the Conqueror?

Well-known theater actor Richard Burbage, constant companion of the famous writer William Shakespeare (1564-1616), once portrayed the title role in the play "Richard III".

Actor was spotted by certain rich beauty who called him to spend the night together...He was supposed to come to her the next evening after the play and announce himself as Richard III.

Hearing of their agreement from aside, Shakespeare decided to forestall his friend.

Before the end of the play he went to visit this beautiful lady, and announced himself at her servant as Richard III.

The lady received him. She did not even have anything against the fact that writer in her bed had replaced the actor...

And soon, while they were in love trance, Richard Burbage also arrived.

The servant knocked on the door and brought a message that said: "Richard III".

"Allow me to answer," said Shakespeare to housewife. He wrote just a few words: "Sorry, my friend. Before Richard III comes William the Conqueror. "

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