Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Reward!

French King Louis XIV was driven mad by his aspiring subjects that were, among others, true sycophants.

One of them, who wanted to be promoted by all means, the king met in private to talk to him. When the subject entered the king's chamber, Louis was silent for a while and pretended that he is reading carefully the application this subject wrote. Then he asked him:

-    Do you, perhaps, speak Spanish?
-    No, Your Majesty! - Replied the desperate eunuch.
-    Too bad! - replied briefly Louis XIV and moved away.

Confused man was so convinced that the king intends to offer him the position of ambassador in Spain, and with great zeal he started learning Spanish.

Finally, he sought audience with the king again.

-    Now I speak Spanish perfectly. I can communicate with the Spaniards flawlessly!
-    This is wonderful news! - Exclaimed the king. - In that case, I can give you the Cervantes' “Don Quixote”, because it is written in Spanish.

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