Friday, November 19, 2010

Woof! Woof! = Help!

After persistent knocking and ringing, Sylvia D'Antonio managed to awaken and open the door. What are the police doing at the door of her house at five o'clock in the morning?

Apparently, someone from her house consistently dialed their number and all they could hear was breathing. With the help of tracer, they managed to discover from which address the calls were coming.

Sylvia was unable to reassure the guardians of law and order that she did not called them.  

If this forty-six-year old woman from New Jersey has not dialed the phone number of the police, who from her house could have done it, police officers asked themselves.

As if he understood that him they are looking, from the room rushed German shepherd and began happily wagging his tail and barking. Only then, Sylvia D'Antonio realized who dialed three times in a row 911, and in front of her door brought three police patrols.

Sylvia then explained that she lives alone and that she is frequently ill, so she taught her faithful dog how to knock the phone down on the floor and with his paw press certain numbers on the dial and call for help.

The story certainly is - unbelievable.

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