Thursday, December 02, 2010

In James Bond Style – Mark and Anne Fox

The police followed them from Melbourne to Victoria, state in the south of Australia.  Since they were not caught, the hunt continued moving north, toward New South Wales and then all the way back to Melbourne. 

Someone would though that the law enforcement chased dangerous criminals, since they were chasing them for two thousand kilometers. But, in fact, they were unsuccessfully trying to catch an older couple, husband and wife, in late eighties, that managed for full two weeks to outwit the police.

When the pursuit was too close on them, Mark and Anne Fox would leave their vehicles, with keys in the ignition, and jumped on the first bus. As soon as they felt that the pursuit is far away behind them, they would buy used car and continue to run.

When they were finally caught, Mark and Anne Fox explained to gathered reporters why, as they said, fled the police "in James Bond style."

When the authorities in Melbourne refused to extend Anne’s driving license, saying that she was too old, she agreed with her husband to show them what she is still able to do.

Anne and Mark Fox have been married for forty years.  Although it was against their will, their son put them in a nursing home a year before this chase. The only thing of a "normal life" they had after that, as they said, was to, occasionally, sit in the car and drive off in an “unknown direction.”

When Mark was not allowed to extend his driver's license, it seemed to them that it is not so bad because Anne could still drive. But when her "right to freedom", was also denied, they decided to rebel. And they told reporters that they never felt better when they were running from the police.

Under public pressure, the authorities in Melbourne, eventually extended Anne’s license. They even returned them the vehicle they seized from them.

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