Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wise prediction – Louis XI, King of France

Louis XI, King of France who lived in the 15th century, believed in astrological interpretations. He often made decisions according to predictions of his personal astrologer who took care of his daily horoscope.

The King was unpleasantly surprised when one day his astrologer told him that one very influential person from his court - female - will die in eight days. Believing that this prophecy, and the event itself, could in some way, threaten his reign, Louis XI gave order to his men to kill the astrology expert, by will throwing him from the highest tower of his castle.

However, curiosity, and belief in the power of stars, gave no peace to the king. Without mentioning that he gave the order to kill him, the king called his astrologer.

"You claim to know everything about the position of stars and their impact on human destiny. Now tell me, what is your destiny? Do you know when you will die? " the king asked his astrologer.

"Of course I know, " replied the wise astrologer. "I will die exactly three days before you!"

After that, of course, Louis XI canceled his order and let his astrologer live.

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