Friday, February 25, 2011

Greatest PR disaster – John Prescott

In December 1999, The British newspaper “The Guardian” has announced traditional parliamentary awards.

By unanimous decision, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, won the “Greatest PR disaster award.


Because he used a car to cross a 150 meters to the conference hall where he gave a speech about how British people should avoid, as frequent as possible, using their cars, in order to protect their environment!

After a huge public criticism, Deputy Prime Minister was forced to explain himself.

He shocked everybody with his unexpected explanation.

Apparently, John Prescott was forced to use a car, to cross those hundred and fifty meters, because his wife was with him. And she had just been at the hairdresser. Since she didn’t want the wind to spoil her hair, Ms. Prescott demanded that they "travel" by car.

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