Friday, February 18, 2011

A trap for miser – Harry Houdini

Among his closest friends, the escapologist Harry Houdini (1874-1926), was well known as a miser.  He particularly loved to disappear from restaurants when he was supposed to pay the bill.

On one occasion, after lunch in some inn, Houdini’s friend, who was an actor, asked him whether he was willing to see a new trick he learned. Houdini immediately accepted.

- “Put your hands on the table and turn your palms toward the table,” - the actor ordered and Harry obeyed.

Then, he put two glasses, filled with water, on his hands.

- "I am leaving now, and you try to find a way to disappear from here, without paying the bill – his friend told him, coming out of the restaurant.

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3 comments: on "A trap for miser – Harry Houdini"

CashIsKing said...

One more story of Jewish misers and I'll be joining the KKK.

michelle said...

@cashisking: you've obviously never been outside your parents' basement..... shame on you for reveling in your ignorance/hate/racism/etc and trying to be funny/clever (don't hurt yourself!)... cheers to bad karma! :)

Stuart said...

@cashisking: Make like Houdini and disappear!

But don't forget to don your white robe and stylish white cap before heading off to the forest and never coming back.

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