Sunday, May 15, 2011

Academy Award – Frank Capra

A romantic comedy "Lady for a Day" (1933) not only brought popularity to American film director Frank Capra (1897 - 1991), but also a nomination for an Academy Award.

Capra was seriously convinced that he will win the American Academy Award for that film, and before the ceremony, he even wrote a short speech, which he intended to hold after he receives the Oscar.

The host of the event was Will Rogers. When the time came to announce the Best Director, Will, who thought that it would be interesting, said:

Common Frank. Come and get it

Convinced that he is the winner, Frank Capra ran towards the stage and pulled out a written speech from his pocket. At that point, he noticed a strange expression on the host’s face. Will Rogers stammered:

The winner is Frank…Lloyd!”

Embarrassed, Frank Capra came down from the stage. He swore that he will never again attend the Academy Award ceremony. 

But never say never.

Next year, Capra's film "It Happened One Night" won five Academy Awards, including the award for Best Director.  Frank came and received the Oscar.

In his career, Capra won a total of six Academy Awards.

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