Saturday, May 07, 2011

Who is who? – Waldick Soriano

Waldick Soriano (1933-2008) was a very popular Brasilian singer-songwriter who recorder 83 albums in his career. However, his great career wasn't without a few incidents.

During one of his concerts, Waldick started singing one of his greatest hits – a song called "Eu Não Sou Cachorro Não" (I'm not a dog).

A few seconds after the song began, someone from the audience let a dog on the stage who had an inscription around his neck saying: „I'm not Waldick Soriano“.

Soriano was deeply offended with that and he began cursing at the audience. In excange, the audince started throwing all kinds of object towards him.

The concert turned into a battlefield and was cancelled.

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I want to see the video!

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