Saturday, July 02, 2011

Vacation in Italy – Lana Turner

During one of her visits to Italy, American actress Lana Turner (1921-1995) was staying in a small town of  Positano believing that there she would be safe and that the fans will not be disturb her.

For two days she enjoyed exploring the city, but on the third day she was arrested in the middle of the street and taken to a police station.

Although they were very kind to her, the police officers behaved strangely. When they wrote down her data into their registry, they asked from Lana to take of her shoes and stand on a piece of paper. When she asked them why must she do that and why did they arrest her, they refused to reply. When she put her feet on a piece of paper, they carefully marked them with a pencil.

After that, they told her not to leave town in the next 24 hours, and returned her to her hotel.

The next day a package arrived for her in her hotel room. In it was a very beautiful pair of sandals – a gift from her fan, the Mayor of Positano.

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