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Amazing benefits of sex

If your sex life has become something not that important, consider placing it among the priorities as it not only strengthens your teeth, but it can also save your life. Here are 16 amazing benefits of sex.

Some of us are overly committed to maintaining a youthful appearance. We are investing small fortunes in to lotions and creams that have filled our bathroom, we have personal trainers, we pay expensive doctors, nutritionists and healers... We do everything it takes to have a skin that looks younger, better hair volume, less wrinkles on our face… we are also trying to reduce the risk of disease and to make ourselves feel good.
But, as it turned out, the secret of youth may be just hidden in our bedroom sheets. Not only that it helps us feel better and more passionate, it is proven that sex is good for our psyche. Here are 16 amazing benefits of sex that are doing good to our health and beauty. 

Improves hair growth

Our hormones are controlling even the condition of our hair. Studies have shown that satisfactory sexual relations are making our hair healthier and luxuriant because of the increased ability of the body to receive nutrients.

Cleanses our face

Say goodbye to facials treatments and miraculous pills. Sex balances our level of hormones, which leads to a purer skin.  Many people probably didn’t knew about this in high school, because if they did, they wouldn’t have so many problems with impure skin on their face.

Improves the health of teeth

It is determined that semen is rich in zinc, calcium and other minerals that are reducing tooth decay and which have many other benefits when they are absorbed by the body. Although a lot of sex cannot prevent visits to the dentist, extra doses of these minerals will certainly not harm pearly white teeth.

Reduces stress

Life is indeed stressful. Despite many proven ways of reducing it - exercises, a glass of wine, morning meditation, walks on the beach and other – the good old sex also helps. Since blood pressure is increasing during sex, maintaining a healthy sex life helps us to keep the healthy level of blood pressure and stress in its lower limits.

Helps us to fall asleep

That’s the answer why men always fall asleep after sex. Oxytocin that is released during orgasm is the reason. The next time you are unable to sleep, skip the warm milk or a sleeping pill and try sex.

Strengthens a relationship

Oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone" because it helps people build trust and connection. The more sex a couple has, the more oxytocin they exchange and their feeling of connection is strengthening.  Oxytocin also increases a sense of generosity, so if a man is more loving and surprises you with flowers, you should thank this hormone.

Improves heart health

Want to live for 100 years? Sex can help. Studies show that men who have sex twice a week or more have a lower risk of heart disease than those who have sex less than once a month. Of course, there is no man that needs such facts in order to spend more time in the bedroom, but it’s not so bad to know that every time you have sex, you are doing good to your heart.

Improves immune system

You know the old saying "Apple a day keeps the doctor away”? It turned out that there was a typing error in the medical journal. They were supposed to write: “Sex once or twice a week increases the level of antibody called immunoglobulin (which prevents colds and other infections) that really keeps the doctor away”. So, more sex means more stronger immune system.

Strengthens nails

Hormones that sex is stimulating, and that help your skin become shiny, also strengthen your nails, which means that they are breaking less often and look healthier. 

Keeps the skin young and healthy

Sex increases blood circulation, which helps pumping the oxygen in to our skin and leads to a more beautiful appearance. This explains why our skin looks shiny after sex. Regular sexual activity has a prolonged effect in this regard and can indeed make us look younger. Sex improves our natural production of collagen, which prevents wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Simply put, the more "wrinkles" on the bed sheets the less wrinkles on your face!

Reduces weight

Want to lose weight but without giving up on your favorite foods and sweets? Sex can be an option! Although it might not be as productive as weight loss by training, on average, we burn about 170 calories per hour of active sex, which means that you need about 21 hours of active sex to loose one pound.

Maintains hydration

Here's a little science in this regard. Sex improves blood circulation, which gives our body enough moisture to stay healthy. This means, no dry skin. Furthermore, sweating during sex is equal to facial treatment because through sweat we are ejecting filth from our pores.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Studies show that men who, in their twenties, ejaculate five or more times a week, are reducing the risk of prostate cancer by one third, and older men who have 21 or more ejaculations per month are also reducing this risk. As for women, regular sex reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Makes you feel sexy

There is good sex and great sex, the only difference is how it affects your confidence. When you feel great, sex is infinitely good and increases your self-esteem. So, the next time you feel so-so on the sexy scale, check out if sex can help you feel better.

Improves spermatozoids

Several studies have shown that men who have frequent sex have a greater amount of semen and spermatozoids, but also and a greater percentage of healthy spermatozoids than those who have sex infrequently. This is good news for women, because studies show that absorption of sperm helps fight depression, makes them stronger and facilitates the delivery.

Natural painkiller

Oxytocin, one of the chemicals that are released during sex, increases endorphins and reduces pain, especially headache. This means that headache as an excuse to avoid sex, which women are most commonly using, no longer stands. Sex also accelerates the healing of wounds, even ulcers like those that diabetics have.  So, before reaching for the medications, try sex and see if it’s helping.  

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