Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beer: Men Drink – Women Invention!

Although beer is considered as men drink, women played important role in its history, claims Jane Peyton, a British historian. 

She said that women invented beer. She also said that for a long time women were the only one allowed to stay in Alehouses and consume beer. Beer was considered as food and like that it was “under the authority” of women.

7000 years ago, in Sumer and Mesopotamia, only women were allowed to manufacture beer and run the alehouses, and this potion was considered as a gift of goddesses not gods, like in many other ancient civilizations.

Even in the Nordic culture, women were the ones who manufactured beer. All manufacturing equipment was in theirs possession. Finland even has a legend about three women who invented beer and among the ingredients that were used was beer’s slobber and honey.

In the English culture women were also the ones who manufactured beer. As a drink, it was very popular among female population and there are records that even Queen Elizabeth I regularly drank beer while eating breakfast. Beer was then considered as one of basic provisions. With industrial revolution and new ways of manufacturing of this alcoholic drink, the role of women decreased.

“I know that men will be shocked to hear this but for their beer they should be thankful to women” – stated Peyton.  

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