Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Iron Woman…o yeaaah!!!

Well, we all know about Iron Man. Hell, we can see him on every corner now that the second movie in the franchise has hit the cinema. But… What about Iron Woman? I have one at home and I see no one raising that much fuzz about her. That simply isn’t fair.

Now let me tell you a little story.

This Iron Woman is one of many. She saw the movie and she wasn’t impressed at all. She believes that, if she had a suit like Tony Stark, she would be much better than him. Not that she isn’t already, but whatever. Now, she wanted to know if Iron Man could do what she can, so she invited him to her home. He accepted it gladly.

Mr. Iron Man, I would like to see you ironing. If you manage to impress me, I will admit that you are better than me,” she told him when he came.

Iron Man was in wonder. He couldn’t believe what his sound system is transmitting to him. He even removed his mask just to hear it again.

After some time and astonishing face changes, he didn’t let his pride to prevail. He got to work. But, oh my God… he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t.

Iron Woman felt sorry for him so she decided to give him a little help. She decided to show him how to do it.

Now it was time for Iron Man to try again. And well, he really had it this time. He didn’t do it as good as Iron Woman, but he was gooood.  After he finished, and he was insisting on ironing all Iron Woman’s clothing, he thanked Iron Woman on this important lesson. He admitted that she was better than him. She felt sorry once more for him, so she decided to give her iron to him as a gift so he can practice at home. He thanked her and left.

A few days later, one photographer managed to take this photo of Iron Man. Apparently, Iron Man like the iron so much that he decided to make it his official weapon in peace making missions. Along with that, he even changed his name to “Ironing Man”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I prefer more Iron Woman. Especially at home. And as we all saw here, she is even better than Iron Man. For everything else, we all know better. ;)

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