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Top 9 destinations in 2010

South Africa invites you with the World Cup - Businessmen will visit World Expo in Shanghai -  México, besides fabulous beaches, is celebrating two spectacular jubilees this year…

South Africa

South Africa will be particularly interesting to visit this year because the World Cup which will take place there, from June 11 to July 11th. Although the main attraction will most definitely be spectacular football, the visitors will also have the chance to visit many interesting places in the south of the African continent. The capital of South Africa, Cape Town, is attraction itself. Many sites of this fabulous town are like from some sci-fi universe – incredible shape of Table Mountain, beautiful beaches, astonishing vineyards, wild landscape and rare seen plants and animals. Those who will follow their national teams during match games will most definitely enjoy and the remaining riches from all parts of this hot African country.   


Shanghai’s preparations for the event of global importance, World EXPO, have begun long time ago. And this event has already begun, on May, 1. Since this event will be taking place all the way until October 31 it will most definitely be interesting destination for businessmen. Some predictions indicate that about 70 million people will visit this “urban future window” event. Otherwise, this Chinese city is also being called and “The Paris of the East”, a city where you can get rich really fast, a place where all gain is disputable and a place where many riches have been lost because of a wrong number on a roulette. This is also a place where many adventurers live, cheats, gamblers, dillers, taikuns, missionaries, gangsters and street macros.


Turkey will most definitely be in the centre of attention in 2010. Istanbul is chosen as a European Capital of Culture this year, and thanks to that all kind of manifestations will be held there. Of course, this will only be a supplement to already rich Turkish culture. This country never lacked tourists who enjoyed in Turkish cultural heritage, beaches and attractive and affordable hotels. Although recession had impact on most of the countries, it seems that it avoided Turkey, at least when we talk about tourists.


This year Mexico is celebrating two important jubilees and the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, announced them as two spectacles. In 2010, the Mexicans are celebrating 200 years of independence from Spain and 100 years since the revolution when the dictator Porfirio Diaz was overthrown. The first celebration will be held on September 15, and the second one on November, 20. Besides that, the exotic beaches of Cancun are not to be forgotten. The government of Mexico has invested around 75 million dollars in a campaign with the goal to lure back tourists after the Mexican flue.


This year Dubai will probably invest a lot of effort to promote their new miracle – the tallest building in the world, which is now a part of a new urban masterpiece of Dubai called Downtown Dubai. A lot of people will probably want to see this steel-glass miracle which is more than 200 meters high. Among many things inside of this complex most notably are seven stars hotel, a swimming pool on 76 and scene-sight on 124’s floor. Experts are predicting favorable arrangements due to fact that this country has went bankrupt.  On the other hand, in spite of crisis, all apartments are already sold.


Although it was once a great naval force, Portugal today is a place where two different worlds meet. For goody goody’s it’s a country of great tradition, of Christian saints festivals at which ox rigs are rolling down the streets covered with flowers, and the old vineyards that are giving life to medieval villages during annual vintage. At the same time, in other parts of the country, something entirely different is happening. Historical city centers, from which the youth has escaped a long time ago, are gradually resurrecting. In once half-ruined buildings, trendy boutiques have arisen, art galleries and coffee bars, and urban life is gaining it’s old grandeur.

El Salvador

Currently one of the most interesting countries in the world, El Salvador fascinates with socialistic coffee bars, war monuments and museums, and with paths through forests with luxuriance vegetation. Travelers tend to skip visiting El Salvador and go to more popular countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, and that is partly due to frightening stories of a civil war and violence between gangs. Meanwhile, the war ended 20 years ago, and crime, although still on a high level, is playing mainly among rival gangs, so the tourists are almost never victims of these factors.


They say that Germany was forced to change more often then Maradona, but for those who love continental vacation, it’s a right place to come. 20 years after the last transformation, Germany is still a country where you can witness a history of rising. As a tribute to that, in Hamburg you can see how a whole square has arisen from a ruined port from 19th century, while Dresden is dominated with dome from a famous church, Frauenkirche. And not to forget, Berlin is astonishing as always.


Malaysia is often described as a gentle variation of her fierce neighbors Thailand and Indonesia. That is correct – Malaysia is suffering from less natural catastrophes, and there are no public strikes. The roads don’t have many wholes, buses and trains have air-condition, and a cultural offerings are among most fascinating in the south-east Asia. Besides that, flights from Europe are cheaper, and euro is fairly strong in compare to the local currency, which could provide some serious savings.

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Nirajan said...

Make it Top 10 Destinations in 2010
10th one is NEPAL
2011 Nepal Tourism YEAR
Venue Trek NEPAL

Saill said...

ha ha, my friend. well, as soon as i write down top destinations for 2011 i will most definitely consider your advice.
best regards. ;)

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