Friday, May 28, 2010

How to overcome stress coming from your working environment?

In the middle of the highest unemployment rate in the last couple of decades which is growing more and more almost every day, most of the workers found them self happy for even having a job. But, what about their health? Most of them doesn’t feel very healthy.

One of three workers is suffering from at least one symptom of clinic depression, 41% is complaining that they are feeling often or very often under stress, and every fifth one has sleeping problems. Generally, 14% are undergoing treatment for high cholesterol, and every fifth one is using medications to lower their blood pressure.

The percent of workers who were stating that they were very healthy has dropped from 34% in 2002 to 28% in 2008, according to the report from Family and Work Institute, a non-profit research organization. “When we try to explain what has happened from 2002, it isn’t as simple answer as we thought  -  that the overall population got older and the younger ones are healthier than before. That change was noticed on men and employees with higher income and higher pressure that people feel managing their job and family life”, says Ellen Galinsky, president and co-founder of this Institute
Some working environments are healthier that others. Different working places aren’t created with the same way, in terms of health. According to the report, 38% of workers who are located in “efficient” working environments stated that they are feeling very healthy. On the other side, 19% of employees who are working in lower efficiency working environments stated the same.

What is making some working environment efficient? 6 factors. Workers can feel healthier if they have an opportunity for further self-development and challenge, balance between job and private life, autonomy, supervisor who encourages success, economic safety and working climate which is characterized with respect and confidence. Dr. Eric Endlich, clinic psychologist who is an expert on work health says that these factors can make people feel like they are in control of their destiny. Is someone is under stress because of a job lacking these factors, he may suffer from higher blood pressure, puls… If this is continuous, it can lead already damaged state to even worse state. That may lead to depression which is associated with many bad health outcomes and increasing rate of mortality.

Researches have discovered that employees with paid sick leave and paid annual vacations have better health. Although these options can cost employers, there are and some other things that they can do, like promotion of working environment respect so it may become efficient working environment. Having efficient working environment doesn’t cost employer. It’s just a way people are treating each other.

Galinsky suggests that employers who can’t afford giving their employees some extra days of rest should put them self in a place of an employee and imagine how would an employee would like to be treated. She encourages managers to, with calm voice and respect, talk to their employees and allow higher flexibility, and of course, to help them manage their lives.

In the latest study of sleeping, scientist have found out that 10% of participants, who are working in offices in the south-east France, has been a victim of roughneck bosses, and, that often maltreatment in the office is causing sleeping disorders. It is enough just to watch were some boss is maltreating some else to cause this disorders. Roughneck boss or a college can not only make you miserable, but it can also make you feel sick. Chronicle stress, when you are every day a victim of maltreatment, is also connected and with higher rate of chronicle diseases.

Seven tricks to calm down

Let’s be honest – sometimes a day at work isn’t fun at all, and stress can cause a lot of bad things. Your heart beets rapidly, you’re sweating or you have a headache… Next time try to prevent these stress attacks with these tricks for calming down:

  • Quiet break – Find some time for “unplugging”. Listen to your favorite music or watch your own presentation of favorite photos. Some people believe that it’s very calming and to try to meditate, breathe loosely, or repeat mantra like “It all right”.
  • Laugh as a cure – Remember your last laugh with your best friend. Stop working for a couple of minutes and revive that moment in your head.
  • Sending e-mail’s – No matter what is happening in your busy life, you should always stay in contact with your friends. Spare a couple of minutes to send them an e-mail or to chat with them. The sense of connection with someone will calm you down immediately.
  • Writing – Writing is an excellent way to fight negative emotions. Unplug your self from the surrounding for a couple of minutes and write something on a paper or a computer. You can even draw something.
  • Napping – Recent research has diagnosed that napping can lower the risk from a heart attack and increase productivity, awareness and concentration. Even if your office is a place where you can hardy imagine napping, close the door and put your head on the desk for about 5 to 10 minutes. It is discovered that about 70% of people sometimes take a nape at work.
  • Turn your thoughts away – Do a mental break playing Solitaire or Sudoku. These games can help you turn your thoughts from work. 
  • A cup of tea – If you notice that you are thrilled or upset, go get a cup of tea. Wherever we turn around we hear that the black, green, white and other tea can do a lot of things – from reducing chances of suffering from cancer and heart diseases, to strengthening your metabolism.  

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