Friday, August 20, 2010

Living with an angel!

Family story of and American actress Uma Thurman is very interesting. First of all, her name, Uma, was inspired by the Hindu goddess of light and beauty.

Her father, Robert, was the first American to become a Buddhist priest in Tibet. He was even expelled from Phillips Exeter Academy because he tried, without success, to enlist for Fidel Castro's Cuban revolution.

Her mother, Nena, was once a photo model and was on the cover of a fashion magazine Vogue. She later became a New York psychotherapist.

Her mother's father, a German baron, the Nazis kept in prison because he refused to give away where his friends Jews are hiding.

Her grandmother (on mother’s side) was a famous Swedish beauty: according to her image a statue was made, which is still located at the gates of the town of Trelleborg.

When Uma was nineteen years old, she got married to an actor Gary Oldman. They were married for less than a year. When asked why they parted, Oldman said: "Because Uma is an angel. You try living with an angel. "

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