Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Unpredictable Salvador Dali!

Salvador Dali
During the great International Exhibition of Surrealism, in Barlington Gallery, in London, in 1936, the Spanish painter Salvador Dali drew attention of a much larger audience than it was his intention.

It was a hot summer day.

With head raised, the painter entered the room where he was supposed to give a lecture. In his left hand he was holding a leash with two large Alsatian dogs, in the right-hand a billiard ball, and on his head - mask for diving.

For a while he stood in front of curious visitors, and then, as his air was gone, he tried to take off his mask for diving. But, the dogs have dragged him to the other side and he didn’t want to drop the ball...

Finally, he fell on the floor and started sprawling. Only when he remained unconscious, his colleague approached and removed the mask.

The crowd enthusiastically applauded.

In fact, they were all convinced that Dali really intended to perform a performance like this.

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