Monday, June 28, 2010

Numbers for healthier life!

Scientists have come across magical figures for long and healthy life. Besides recommendations regarding weekly consummation of alcohol and sugar, this new list also recommends and a number of required orgasms, along with restricting your daily use of Facebook to one hour max.

You probably know how much fat content has your milk you buy everyday, how many kilometers you can run on a gym treadmill and how many calories your going to kill that way, and you maybe know even your body mass index. But, right now there are some new and interesting numbers which are key to your physical and emotional health. This here is one of wining number combination's  for your healthy life.

  • 5 drinks

Right now there is an on-going debate about healthy effects of alcohol (moderate use is potentially very good for your heart) versus negative effects (other researches have shown that alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer and other tumors), so the right number of drinks depends mainly from your personal health, history and risk factors. However, according to the latest researches, it is recommended to limit your alcohol consummation to 5 drinks per week, if you are a woman, while men can drink a few drinks more.

  • 1 orgasm

One happy ending of a day can actually be ideal. The most important is not to allow your self long periods without orgasm. The experts say that in principle many orgasms are required and that sometimes masturbation is a great way to experience them. Orgasm is letting you free from anxiety and stress and your heart is having the most benefit from it.

  • 3 hours of yoga

For people who have mild but chronicle back pains the magical number is three and that’s exactly how many hours per week you should commit to yoga practicing. One study has determined that patients with chronicle mild pain in their back who have practice iyengar yoga for 90 minutes per week for six months, the pain reduced and so did depression. They could physically do a lot more than the patients who went and used conventional treatments.

  • 500 calories less

If you reduce your daily input of calories by 500 – you will lose 0,5kg per week. That maybe sounds a lot, but it isn’t. Reducing your daily quantity of calories by 500 in combination with physical activity will set you free of 3.500 calories per week and that is equal to one kilogram of fat that you will remove from your hips. Also, even a minimal reduction of your body weight can do a miracle for your health because with that you are reducing your chances of suffering from heart diseases.

  • 8 scoops of sugar

Statistics say that we eat about 97kg of sugar per year, and that is about 30 scoops per day. The most of it comes from food in which we add sugar (not counting fruit or milk because it contains sugar by it self). Sugar has its place in healthy diet but if it is over present he is not healthy anymore. It is recommended that daily quantities are limited to 32 grams or 8 scoops (which is around 2000 calories).

  • 1000 IU of vitamin D

Although there exist no formal consensus about exact quantity of vitamin D that is required, a lot of experts recommend about 1000 IU (international units) daily. Lack of vitamin D is common for adults and children and it is associated with many health issues, from increased blood pressure and sugar disease to depression. Recent researches indicate that low level of vitamin D is causing double risk from stroke and death. Vitamin D is present in provisions such as salmon, canned tuna fish, yolk and milk. You can introduce vitamin D and with exposure to sun but its less dangerous if you input it through food.

  • 6 painkillers

60 million Americans are everyday swallowing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like Ibuprofen. But up to 30% of them will be suffering from gastrointestinal ulceration, and even have symptoms like dyspepsia or nausea and vomiting, because this drugs are irritating gastrointestinal tract. Healthy women that are using medications for spasm and pains shouldn’t take more than two pills of Ibuprofen three times a day. If your pain is extreme and or doesn’t go away within 10 days, you should talk to your doctor.  After examination he will dismiss some serious problem or give you the green light for increasing your doses.

  • 3 sushi's

Fish is an excellent source of proteins and omega-3 fat acids, but people who eat fish every day are risking to introduce to much mercury in their organism. Pregnant women or women who are planning to get pregnant are recommended not to introduce more than 40 calories of fish like salmon per week. If they it tuna fish then the limit is 20 calories per week. Risk of poisoning with mercury is even greater threat for pregnant women, kids, older persons and ones with weak immunity. That’s why they should skip raw and partly cooked fish, and they shouldn’t even think about oysters.

  • 1 hour on-line

Facebook or Twitter networking can be fun and it could even help you in your business. But to waste more than 1 hour daily on social networks can be a sign that you should dedicate more of your attention to real needs of life. How to progress (not just survive) in a time of personal and global turnovers? Although social networking researching is still rare, 1 hour daily is widely accepted among experts as a sufficient time during which your presence on the network will not have negative effects on your off-line relationships or your job.

  • 1 weight measuring

Women are advised not to step on a scale more than once a day and it is advisable even less. For many women, weight measuring more than once a day can be contra productive, not to mention that it is madness. If you notice some extra few grams, it will make you a person who is preoccupied with food or your body. If you are in this faze, it will be smarter to hide your scale in a closet for some time.

  • 3 sweeteners

In sweeteners or products with low level of calories, enjoy mostly women, but diabetics also, who now have a wider specter of food choice. Nevertheless, safety issues are worrying many people. Based on most evidence, this stuff is safe but nevertheless we should be cautious and moderate. This means that we should not take more than a few sweetener pills per day with our coffee, plus to eat yogurt with zero percent fat and drink diet soda drink. 3 sweeteners per day are enough and we should not take more than that.

  • 6 hours of sleep

Almost third of us losses sleep because of finance worries, according to one research. Lack of sleep is causing an increased level of hormone grelin, which is increasing are desire for food, and reduced level of leptin, which represses appetite. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. If you face problems with your sleep, first check your diet habits and physical activity before sleep (besides avoiding caffeine and alcohol, 3 hours before sleep you should rest good). If you still have problems, talk to your doctor.  

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Both informative and amusing! Thank you. :)

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C J Good, Author said...

These are powerful topics that really resonate with many people. I was certainly touched by this article. thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more.

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Thank you C.J. :)
i hope i wont disappoint you with my next articles.
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