Thursday, July 01, 2010

The very first internet clown!

From a lousy shoo-salesman Remy Gaillard has become one of the most famous men on the internet, mostly by recording hidden camera sketches. He dresses like Super Mario, Pac-Man, Rocky, he eats for free in McDonald's, and he was even greeted by the former president of France, Jacques Chirac.

It all began when he lost his job at a shoe store.

Eight years ago, anonymous from Montpellier, Remy Gaillard, skilled football player but without accomplished football career, had a lousy job that no one wouldn’t do except those who are forced to do it. It is commonly known among shoo-sellers that they serve most boring customers. When he lost even that job, in his grand desperation he was faced with so much useless used free-time. And what he did then? He decided to screw around. He showed up in 2002 Coupe de France final match in which Lorient won. He was dressed as a Lorient football player and celebrated the title on the field with other Lorient players. He was paying attention that the camera was constantly on him. The players didn’t notice that he was an intruder and even the president of France, Jacques Chirac, bought it and congratulated him on his dedication on the field. This video spread quickly on the internet and Remy, inspired with this popularity, started his new career.

Today he is “internet prankster”. As an intruder he started showing up on football and rugby matches, on political meetings, to invade television quizzes and shows. He apparently discovered a talent in himself to go around security wherever he wants, although, he was arrested many times for his acts. After some time he started to organize some really unusual situations for regular passengers on the street. He even started masking himself like famous characters from famous movies, cartoons and video games.

He teamed up with his good friend Gregory Laffargue who then started recording all of his accomplishments and posting them on YouTube. All this videos became top viewed. That made Remy Gaillard one of the most famous characters on the internet. World-wide also. He even decided to make his very own humble internet TV station,, which broadcasts more that hundred of his TV videos. Nimportequi in English means anybody, anyone, and it was drawn out of Remy’s motto: It’s by doing whatever that you become whoever.

He was dressed like Tarzan and jumped on people in the zoo. He was dressed like Super Mario and shocked people when they saw that imaginary character is driving his famous red carting pass them. He resurrected the character and image of Italian stallion Rocky Balboa. One of most viewed videos shows Remy practicing in supermarket like Sylvester Stallone in the famous movie. Wearing shorts and gloves on his hands, he rushed in refrigerator and started punching beef meat; he weighed himself on vegetable scale; he even run on a store conveyor belt. He recorded himself swimming on most unusual places, including fountains. On one occasion he dressed as big yellow ball called Pac Man and hired four statists to act as monsters who chase the yellow hero according to the scenario of one of most popular 2D games from the beginning of IT technology development. This way he celebrated 30 years since the creation of this game.

The beginning of 2008 Olympic Games he celebrated with a video called Decathlon. Among other things, he recorded himself performing long jump on a construction yard, and throwing vegetable from his shoulder in front of a grocery store. He was even slapped in the face on that occasion by the grocery seller. He even shared a practical advice on how to eat for free in McDonalds in one of his videos.

What to say about this guy? Is he gone mad? Well, I don’t think so. He didn’t do all of this for free. To popularity he gained persuaded Orangina to hire him in their advertisement of their famous juice. Video about Rocky, for example, he did to promote a sport site.

With all of this, once a shoo salesman has managed to make a profession from which he can live comfortably.

“The only reason I make all those videos is to be my own boss. I decide what I am going to do and when I am going to get up from bed. No one, and absolutely no one is telling me what to do” – explained Remy.  

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