Saturday, November 06, 2010

Gold from Vending Machine!

When you are tired and hungry in the middle of the night on some empty station platform, vending machine with hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, chocolate and crisps is more than welcome. But in the world lately there seem to exist some pretty bizarre, but extremely practical machines, that offer bikes, fresh eggs, shoes, umbrellas, books, and even bullion. 

After being successfully tested in Frankfurt, in 2009, machine that sells gold as of May of this year, won the airports in Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Bergamo, Italy and Moscow, and German company, "Ex Oriente Lux" few days ago set it up in a hotel with five-stars, "Emirates Palace", in the United Arab Emirates.

Along with the usual pieces of gold, the machine sells South African golden coins, Canadian golden maple leaves, and even Australian golden kangaroo, nugget worth one hundred dollars.  "Gold To Go" vending machine sells 24-carat bars, weighing 1.5 to 10 grams. A gram of gold plate costs $ 50, and with it goes a precious gift box.

In a country where rice is sold in vending machines, it is no wonder that they, in the same way, offered eggs. Local farmers near Santa Cruz in California figured out this new way of offering their products, so that they have nothing to do with supermarkets. For three dollars, door of one of two dozen miniature tanks will unlock and you're ready to prepare scrambled eggs. Something similar to this applied farmers in Slovenia, where is possible to buy fresh milk from recently milked cows just by putting a coin in to a vending machine.

Huge machines full of bicycles exist in Netherlands. They have really perfected their love for this mean of transportation. Distribution machines with bikes are currently available on railway stations in Arnhem and Nijmegen, and one coming soon in Delft, Duiven, and a dozen other locations throughout the Netherlands. Bicycles can be rented for a maximum of 20 hours and then you must return them. When you use this service for the first time, price is 16 Euros, but each subsequent time, only four Euros. 

You are standing for hours on high heels, your legs are falling off, your joints hurt, and you don’t know what to do... Well, if you are in London or Liverpool, the solution is vending machine with shoes. The company "Asiks" set up in these two towns machines with sneakers that you can buy for just a few pounds. Vending machines with sneakers "Rollasoul" are mainly located in nightclubs, and the company got the idea after they realized that women are not feeling comfortable at all dancing all night in high heels. You can choose from three sizes - S, M and L, in black or silver color, and the price is just 5 pounds. They are planning to set up these machines and at railway stations and airports in the UK, but also to conquer the American market.

Vending machines in some places in America are trying to facilitate the life of fishermen, so that they would not go themselves and seek for live baits. Several options are offered in Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Illinois. The owner of a chain of these bizarre machines, Gary Harsel, says that earthworms are the best selling product, but they also offer minnows (small fish), crayfish and leeches. A handful of earthworm costs three dollars. And if you are out of items without which fishing would not be possible, you can choose from various angles, motor oil for boats and so be fully equipped for fishing.

Good titles at affordable prices!

Since the cigarettes in most European countries are banned, innovative idea is coming from England. Why should we be bored in various waiting rooms, at dentists or at the airport, when waiting can be contracted with something interesting to read? This is why the London Heathrow airport for some time now is offering busy travelers to cover the waiting time with a book from the machine, and this example was adopted and by some hotels.  To avoid any confusion, here it is not about newsstand literature, this is a variety of titles that should please even the intellectually demanding travelers. Of course, the best commercials are popular authors such as James Patterson, but there is more than this, including children's literature. British plan spread these vending machines to Asia and Australia. Price of a book is about 4 Euros.

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