Saturday, December 04, 2010

Diet for Attracting Attention - George Gordon Byron

On one occasion, the famous English poet George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) was invited to dinner by acquaintances who he never visited before. A large and distinguished group of writers was gathered at this dinner. When asked by the host if he would like to start dinner with a good soup, Byron said loudly for all to hear:

- I never eat soup!
- Do you like fish?
- No, I never eat fish!
- Perhaps you will enjoy roast pork?
- No, I never eat roast pork!
- A glass of wine, at least?
- Never in my life have I tasted wine! - The poet thundered.

Not knowing what to do, the host asked the poet what he usually eats for dinner.
- Only biscuit and water! - Replied the poet.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a biscuit, so he drank water in which he poured a little vinegar. He then angrily left.

Concerned hosts met Byron's close friend a few days later and asked him: 
- Why didn’t you warned me of Lord Byron’s eating habits? And since when he is on a such strict diet?

- Since you have started to notice! His behavior was aimed primarily to attract the attention of those present. You should know this:  after dinner, he went straight to a nearby tavern where he ate roast pork and got drank from wine.

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