Monday, January 31, 2011

Bird brain – Ethel Smyth

When Mrs. Ethel Smyth (1858-1944), composer and famous English feminist, was invited to dinner by writer Virginia Woolf and her husband, she decided to come to their home – on a bicycle.

Since she was supposed to travel about 30 kilometers on a bike, to reach the house of Leonard Wolf, she decided to wear a tweed suit, which was not very “elegant”.

Near the house of her hosts, it occurred to her that she is maybe inappropriately dressed, because Woolfs have invited and other distinguished guests. Ethel Smyth was almost convinced that she was supposed to wear a dress and a corset.

She entered into a local rural store and asked if maybe they have corsets. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

Then, in the corner of the store, she saw a birdcage...

Half an hour later, Virginia Woolf noticed that something unusual was happening in her backyard. When she came out, she was astonished with what she saw.

Ethel Smyth was trying to get into a birdcage, instead of a corset, to reduce her waist a little bit.

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