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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are at the door

End of the world is certain, but when will this happen, no one knows. Those who believe that the end is near, already see four clear signs: solar flares, self-destruction, mass death of birds and the Mayan calendar.

Prognoses of the end of the world and humanity are not new, they are mentioned practically since the beginning of civilization. Some are looking for the proof of this in the Old Testament books, in various prophecies, but also in the position of stars and planets. And when this fatal day comes, people who believe in that, will probably respond differently. Some will maybe decide to spend their last moments doing what they always wanted to do, but it will be nothing strange if a lot of cases of collective suicides occur. After all, we have such examples in all parts of the world.

However, the fact that nothing lasts forever is something that should worry all of us. Laymen and experts agree that the end of the world is certain, the only question is when will this happen. Judging by the events that have marked the last days of last year, gloomy predictions of scientists, and predictions that are recorded in the ancient prophecies, apocalypse is not far away! It may happen the next year already.

Here are four possible scenarios according to which the life on earth will disappear and "irrefutable" proofs that this will happen soon.

1. Sun will kill us

The Sun is the source of life on our planet, but it is also its potential murderer. In the book "Apocalypse 2012", Lawrence E. Joseph claims that storms and activities on the surface of the Sun are more intense in the last few years than in the past 11 million years, and the last time such thing happened, the last ice age melted. The peak of solar activity can be expected already next year, when the storms will be most intensive and most destructive. Solar flares, as these energy charges are called, could threaten the Earth's magnetic field that protects us from Sun’s radiation. Scientists say that we can already see holes in this magnetic field the size of California. These storms have appeared during the course of human history, but the danger now is much greater, because we ourselves have contributed to it! 

In fact, over the past decades, we have built, around the globe, an electrical high-voltage network that will attract the first strike.  Only one such storm could throw us back in the time before the discovery of electricity. People from the NASA call this storm a switch in the sky, because it is indeed something like that. It will be as if someone turned off every light on the Earth, and, despite huge investments, we will not be able to turn them on for at least next five years. And what consequences could that have, it is not hard to imagine.

The big problem of our planet are overloaded transformers, because more than half of them can not stand the amount of energy running through them. It is just a matter of time, or in other words, one stronger solar storm, for the entire power system to blow in to pieces! More shocking news is that all large power plants depend exclusively on one satellite which is long past its use. Namely, it is the ACE satellite, which is located in the gravitational well, and that is - point of Earth-Sun gravitational equilibrium. Its sole function is to warn, 15 to 45 minutes earlier,  about the arrival of magnetic storms, but these informations are rarely (practically never) used. Theoretically, every time the satellite sends a signal, we should turn off the electricity in the whole world, but each restarting of electricity would cost at least ten billion dollars.

On the other hand, although they are regularly attacking Earth, solar storms are usually ending at the North Pole, which is also the magnetic pole. In other words, because of the huge cost the only security measure we can use against the Sun's attack, which could go a little further than expected, consists of just four words –preying that it won’t! 

2. We will kill ourselves

There are thousand ways how we can kill ourselves, and to be honest, with every new day, we are more persistent and dedicated to that work. However, what can really exterminate us are scientific experiments with all manner of things. Supporters of conspiracy theories long believe that HIV is invented in a laboratory, just as Ebola or swine flu. According to them, mad cow disease is a secret experiment with the aim to turn human brains into mush, and to make them slaves without emotions and thought. What can we say about the development of nuclear and biological weapons that are developing faster than the means against their destructive force? Yet, what worries the most the conspiracy theorists is "tampering" with God's particle.

It is a scientific experiment that runs near the Swiss-French border, and which aims to create black holes in artificial conditions. The whole experiment is called “The hunt for the God particle”, and it comes down to causing collisions with the power of incredible 14 billion electron volts. Will this really create a black hole, and if it does, will this black hole suck us all in, is what scares the lay people throughout the world. After all, whatever we discover, or invent, there’s always a lunatic who will misuse it.

If we disregard someone's paranoia and panic, the fact still remains that the fear of scientific inventions and their abuse is not unfounded. While the production of nuclear weapons requires a large plant that is easy to detect, biological weapons can be made without any problem in a small, hidden laboratory. And what can one sick mind do, its not hard to imagine.

 After the terrorist attacks in America and the destruction of the twin towers, in this part of the world the panic doesn’t stop at the thought of what Al Qaeda maid have at its  disposal, and what can acquire at anytime. According to one doomsday scenario, it all ends with an eruption of a mega volcano. If it is going to be like that, what are the chances that Al Qaeda already has a thermonuclear bomb that will wipe America from the map of the world in a split second?

3. Mass mortality of birds

Birds that fell dead from the sky at the end of last year, but also the mortality of entire animal species around the world, is a reliable sign, according to many, that apocalypse is at the door. To reiterate, at New Year's Eve, residents of Arkansas town were hit with a true rain of dead birds, which were pouring on the roofs of houses and cars. It is estimated that on this occasion at least five thousand red-winged blackbirds died.

Just days earlier, Arkansas River threw out tens of thousands of dead fish. A flock of 500 birds also fell in Baton Rouge, and the same has happened in Sweden and New Zealand. At the end of the first week of the New Year, near Kent in the UK, the sea washed up 40,000 dead crabs. Similar examples have been recorded and in other parts of the world.

Why do animals die en masse? Ancient prophecies are offering an answer. They say that animals will be the first who will feel the impending disaster and react in two ways: with mass suicide or natural death that science can not explain. 

Many supporters of conspiracy theories accuse the U.S. government (Its secret researches, to be exactly) even for these unusual cases. While some claim that Americans are testing a new biological weapon, others believe that it is a laser beam, a type that can cause heart attack and lead to immediate death. In all this mess, many tend to see and some other reasons, also not very encouraging. For example, many believe that the switch of the Earth's poles is well underway, and since birds are orienting by them, it is not entirely surprising that they are blindly flying into icy clouds or being entangled in electric cables.

Scientists themselves are stunned. They are trying to provide any kind of explanation, even one that will maybe cause disbelief or mockery. Thus, the biologists are explaining the death of fish with some kind of disease and blame cold for the death of crabs. Allegedly, such cases occurred even before, but now, due to New Year holidays, they were far more covered by the media. To stem mass hysteria, the U.S. authorities did not hesitate to find some truck driver who allegedly ran into a flock of birds on the road, and hit and injured most of them. If we are to believe the explanation of local authorities, New Year fireworks have caused mass mortality of birds in other three separate incidents. 

The logical question is why such phenomena wasn’t reported in other places where shooting at air is something like a tradition.

4. Mayans have predicted all

Judging by the ancient Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on December 21, 2012. However, whenever it comes to prophecy, there are at least two problems: first, will it really come true, and second, is it an authentic record or document or was it, as usual, amended or edited during the past time.

These ancient people inhabited the area of today's Guatemala, Honduras and Yucatan.  They were known as an advanced civilization of astronomers and scientists. They were obsessed with measuring time. They measured everything, sun phases, pregnancy, growth of crops and the like. They created twenty different calendars, and in one, they even measured the development of civilization and the planet by dividing it into periods.  Each period was 5125 years long, and when compared with the Gregorian calendar, it turns out that the period in which we live began in 3144 BC and ends exactly on December 21 next year.

 The Mayans depicted transition between periods as bloody and extremely difficult. After that comes a turn, when we enter into a new period, which is full of optimism and enlightenment. What is disturbing is the fact that this date, which is depressing by itself (it is a day with the longest night), is also the date when the Sun will found itself at the center of the Milky Way. Some scientists claim that this could cause a switch between magnetic poles on Earth, and this would definitely have tragic consequences on the life on our planet.

Americans have again tried to calm the public. Allegedly, according to the official NASA press release, issued last year, there is no scientific evidence that Mayan calendar is correct at all! According to them, the world will not end in 2012, because, at this point, we are not threaten by a collision with a meteorite, which, if existed, would already have been visible in the sky. In addition, the agency said that none of the relevant experts has found any cause of some potential disaster. Therefore, NASA knows that the end will not occur next year.

End of the world is certain, but when will this happen, no one knows.

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