Saturday, May 07, 2011

Memorial University – Stanford University

In 1884, Charles William Eliot, 21th president of Harvard University, was visited by parents of recently deceased son who died at the age of 16. Eliot received the sad couple and expressed his deepest condolences. In a conversation with him, the sad parents expressed a desire to establish some kind of fund in memory of their lost son.

- I assume that you have in mind an annual scholarship for the best students – said Charles William Eliot.

- Well, we thought of something more useful than that. Perhaps some building… - said the sad parents.

Eliot refused their kind offer telling them that although that would indeed be useful, it is too expensive investment. 

With tears in their eyes, the sad parents got out of his office.

After some time, Eliot was informed that a check worth $26 million was sent to Harvard. It was dedicated to a memory of Leland Stanford, Jr.

Thanks to that money, the famous Stanford University was founded. 

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