Sunday, October 02, 2011

Compensation – Admiral Lord Nelson

When he lost his right eye in a naval battle, famous British Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) demanded monetary compensation for his injury from the Royal Navy. He was told that he could not receive any kind of compensation if a ship doctor didn’t immediately recorded how exactly he lost his eye.

Nelson pursued this issue for several years, and eventually got a very small amount of money.

In the meantime, he also lost his right arm. Once more, he had to pursue monetary compensation from the Navy, but this time even longer.

I guess I'll be rich when I loose a leg because it’s larger than both, the eye and the hand!” – Nelson said angrily when he was forced to humiliate himself in front of doctors.

Nelson, however, never lost his leg. He lost his life in the Battle of Trafalgar, in 1805.

In his testament, he emphasized that he doesn’t want to be buried in Westminster Abbey, along with other British great men. Allegedly, he had heard that the abbey was built on the landslide and that all the dead will slip into the Thames.

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