Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why is the parrot coughing?

Marilyn King was very worried when she heard how her thirteen-year-old parrot, named Nelson, is coughing and blubbering like he is fighting to get his breath.

This fifty-year-old resident of American city Denver immediately took her parrot to the vet.

In spite of all possible examinations, it was not possible to determine what is wrong with the parrot. It seemed that he was of excellent health. Because of that, even veterinarians have been confused why is he coughing that much.

Soon, all was clarified.

Before he arrived in home of Marilyn King, the parrot lived in a nursing home. The bird was simply mimicking sounds that she heard daily in the home where a large number of elderly people is coughing all day long.

Marilyn afterwards confirmed that Nelson best mimics cough with which smokers are identified.

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