Monday, November 08, 2010

12 Secrets of Better Orgasm!

If you cannot experience climax in sex, you should know that you are not the only one and that there is help. These are some tips that can help you improve your sex life and increase your sex experience.

If you have problems to reach orgasm, you should know that you are not the only one and that this problem brings misery to many men, and especially women.  Before you start to think you have some health problems, you should first consider several things. The reasons are sometimes cultural or psychological. That is why many people consider sex a taboo subject, while some have problems with orgasm because in the past they had negative sexual experiences or because they are ashamed of their bodies. The first step in solving this problem is to try to better know yourself and discover what excites you. Here are some 12 tips that can help you reach climax during sex.

1. Hit the hot spots. A position that allows friction can help you reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Try the on top position so that the top of the clitoris is rubbing directly the pubic bone of your partner. Or lie on your back with a pillow under your buttocks. You can also try using a vibrator during intercourse.

2. Discuss about it. Men really want from you to guide them. Let your partner know if he is on the right track, either by telling him or by “showing” him with your moans.

3. Find out what excites you. You cannot guide your partner if you do not know what excites you. To train your body to reach orgasm, you need to masturbate. This is the most common advice of sex coaches.

4. Train your orgasmic muscles. Kegel exercises are classic exercises for women who want to transform weak orgasm into phenomenal. These pelvic muscles you can find yourself. They are the muscles of the pelvic or vaginal part. Tighten and relax them. Do Kegel exercises every day, several times a day.

5. The risk is exciting.  Researches show that common pursuit of excitement, whether is it hiking or watching a horror movie, stimulates dopamine in the brain that triggers sexual arousal.

6. Delay the satisfaction. The longer you are piling up the excitement, the bigger explosion you get. Bring yourself close to orgasm, and then delay it or "simmer". Repeat this several times before you experience climax.

7. Focus on your breathing. Tantric sex may sound like something new, but its basic principle is focusing on your breathing, and that increases the pleasure. You can use your breath to channel sexual energy. Partners who breathe in tandem can delay orgasm, and create greater accumulation, which increases satisfaction.

8. Explore the erotic. Hard-core pornography is not the definition of erotic. Erotic movies and books can be very good for awakening passion, which increases the chances for better orgasm. Some erotic movies are full of erotic charge, and they have a plot. Literature is also recommended, as well as erotic series in which women are main protagonists.

9. Creative foreplay. If you need more time than your partner to warm up, start the foreplay by sending emails or sexy SMS, but without being too graphic, since emails do not ensure privacy.

10. Check your medications. Women are, more likely than men, taking antidepressants, which, as is known, may adversely affect sexual life. If you have problems because of these medications, talk to your doctor so that he changes your therapy.

11. Get help from the expert. If you are not among those who easily reach orgasm, expert’s advice may be useful. Nerve damage or low testosterone levels may create a problem. Your doctor can do a medical examination and determine which factors are causing this. You can also look for help from sex therapist.

12. Relax. In a recent French study, in which 500 women took part, it was discovered that in more than 70 percent of them, stress threatens their sex drive. Low libido obviously decreases the chances of orgasm. Because of this, all that disturbs you leave it in front of your bedroom door.

Female orgasm lasts longer. The average male orgasm lasts about six seconds, while female orgasm lasts about twenty seconds. This difference in duration can be viewed as some kind of compensation because women need much longer foreplay. Of course, length and intensity of orgasm vary from person to person and from day to day.

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