Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bad Luck – Mark Twain

During his fruitful life, the famous American writer Mark Twain (1835-1910) held numerous lectures in many cities of the United States. On one occasion, he was supposed to hold a lecture in certain small town that he hadn’t visited before.

Before the lecture, he went to the barbershop.  He told the owner that he wanted to be shaved and after that, he mentioned that it was his first visit to this town.

"In due time you visited our town", the barber politely said to him.

"Why is that?" Mark Twain asked.

"The famous writer Mark Twain will give a lecture this evening. You will not miss that, right?", the barber replied.

"Well, I hope that I will not ..."

"Have you bought a ticket? It will be a big crowd."

"No, I haven’t yet ..."

"Unfortunately, they are all sold out. You will have to stand."

"I have bad luck,” sighed Mark Twain. "Whenever he is holding a lecture, I have to stand.”

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